NYC Subway Faces

Found collages collected (harvested?) from the NYC subway system

Would I, would Norris? How much (and, oh!, how much!?) Or maybe just Smaug (smog?).

16 October

Oh the eye! (Oho!) Boston tea party anyone, you Rob?

It’s in the text. A clan, spot the ojo ( i ), like London (Jack). 

12 May

Please get your hamburger away from me sir. (Swoop, loop, twirl away?)

6 January

My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specs (speculations?) with me

16 December

Your moderate candidate from the center (plural) 

10 October

Check out (eye?) my curve 

10 October

Television turned the eyes square. Angle, wrecked

4 August 

The better to hear you with, my dear (Photo/Shoot) 

14 August 

Hook up? 

15 June

Can you see me now? Eye, glasses

15 June 

HAHA Berlin 

12 June

Pie Face front and center (School portrait) 

16 April

Met Mouth

16 April

R, G Eye

12 April 

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